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Wail Alshehi and Waleed Alshehri are from Khamis Mushayt in Asir Province, southwestern Saudi Arabia. Their father is a businessman and builds a mosque as a gift to the town. They both go to college. The Alshehris are from a military family and have three older brothers who hold high rank at the nearby airbase. Their uncle, Major General Faez Alshehri, is the logistical director of Saudi Arabia’s armed forces.

Waleed had some sort of tie to the Saudi embassy in DC via an 'Ahmed B al-Sheri.'

Alsheri lived in Vienna, at 502 Orrin St.

Neighbors on the otherwise quiet street told WorldNetDaily that the five-bedroom rental house where Alsheri stayed had numerous tenants, who parked their luxury cars on the street and often had loud parties, upsetting neighbors.

During one party several years ago, a woman ran outside the house and shot a pistol into the air several times, recalls a next-door neighbor.

"A woman came out shooting a gun after getting in a spat with someone," said Mary Ann Neupert, who has lived at 500 Orrin St. for 37 years. "She was shooting in the air."

Neupert, 77, and her husband, Stanley E. Neupert, 79, say two FBI agents, a man and a woman, interviewed them yesterday about activities at the house, which property-tax records show is owned by Hamid Keshavarznia, an Iranian who lives in Maryland, neighbors say. His ex-wife is from Canada, WorldNetDaily has learned.

His brother, Saeed Keshavarznia, is currently living at the Vienna house, WorldNetDaily also has found. He's listed as a co-owner.

"We thought it was a drug house," said another neighbor, who wished to have her name withheld. "All the cars parked on the street were new BMWs, new Mercedes. People were always walking around out front with cellphones."

Neupert said the owners were in the process of adding yet another room off the living room of the house "about five or six months ago."

"This area is supposed to be single-family houses," his wife said. "In other words, the house shouldn't have been divided up like that."

She says she found it somewhat suspicious that tenants seldom entered the house through the front door, but "went from the street straight to the gate and entered the house from the backyard."

About two years ago, neighbor Diane Albritton said she called the CIA with her suspicions about illegal activity at the house, but nothing was done.

"There were all kinds of comings and goings," she said. "People were always carrying cases in and out."

Vienna police Capt. Johnny Price said his department was not at all involved in any investigation.

Keshavarznia, an Iranian native and U.S. citizen, said he had not been contacted by authorities.