In the House and Senate Select Committee Report on 9/11 it was noted that there seemed to be some confusion over who was who. Khallad, Khalid al-Midhar and Nawaf al-Hazmi were mixed up. Khallad turned out to be Wallid bin Attash.

In January 2001, CIA concluded, based on statements by a joint CIA/FBI human source, that Khallad appeared in one of the surveillance photos taken during the Malaysia meeting. The CIA recognized that Khallad’s presence at the meeting was significant because it meant that the other attendees, including al-Mihdhar and al-Hazmi, had been in direct contact with the key planner of the Cole attack for Bin Ladin’s network. p149

H. The Case Against Bin Ladin In the days following the September 11 attacks, the FBI received additional photographs from the surveillance of the Malaysia meeting. One of these, the FBI quickly learned, was a photograph of Khallad. The Bureau also learned that the January 2001 photo identification of Khallad by the joint FBI/CIA asset had been mistaken. The person thought to be Khallad was actually Nawaf al-Hazmi. The conclusion that Khallad had attended the Malaysian meeting was nonetheless correct. p154

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