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The incident began when they were picked up from a train while travelling to Texas on 11 September.

The US authorities become suspicious when they found a box-cutter and $7,000 in cash in their belongings.

"We tried to explain that we used box-cutters to cut open the newspaper bundles at a news-stand where we worked," says Mr Azmath.

"We told them we were carrying so much money because we were moving to Texas to set up a fruit shop."

But even after the FBI cleared them, they were later charged with credit card fraud.

Azmath’s lawyer was Anthony L Ricco

Azmaths credit card fraud involved an account opened at the Citibank branch in the World Trade Center Concourse.

Azmath and his compatriot lived at 6 Tonnelle Avenue, Jersey City, New Jersey, in apartment 202. This happens to be right next to a radical mosque associated with blind Sheik Rahman.

Azmath and Shah were arrested in Fort Worth Texas on September 12th 2001.

The total outstanding from their credit card fraud was at least $414,639.66 according to court documents.

Azmath and Shah had been due to fly AA43 from Newark to LAX on September 11th 2001

They were in the air on TWA Flight 679. from Newark to San Antonio at the same time as the other attacks were being carried out.