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Mohamed Atta Senior apparently died around 2007.

A US based man named Mohammed Rafique Quadir-Harunnani had Atta Sr's phone number.

Qadir-Harunnani is mentioned in the 28 Pages as an assistant to Abdullah bin Laden of WAMY.

Quadir worked at Transcom International and Discover Islam Foundation in Florida. His associate there Suhaib al-Barzinji may be related to Muslim Brotherhood father Jamal al-Barzinji.

According to the 911 Commission, Marwan al Shehhi flew all the way to Cairo, Egypt to meet with Atta Sr in 2001, supposedly for the purpose of collecting identity documents for Atta.


After the attacks he at first claimed his son was still alive, had telephoned him and was the victim of an elaborate Israeli plot. He also told the media he was “one of the most important lawyers in Cairo.”

Then in 2002 he announced that "He is hiding in a secret place so as not to be murdered by the U.S. secret services,"

By 2005, he appeared to have accepted, and indeed embraced, the loss of his son. When a CNN producer talked to him shortly after deadly attacks in London in July that year, he boasted that his son's heroism had marked the advent of a 50-year religious war. He demanded $5,000 for a televised interview—money he said would go toward funding further terrorist strikes against the West. CNN declined the interview but reported the conversation on its website. He also told CNN "Muslims are like nuclear bombs which have been activated."

2011: "My father was the only one who spoke to the media," said Atta's sister, Mona el-Amir Atta, in an interview with American media. She said that when her father died, any talking to the media by the family "died with him."


August 23, 2005: The MadCowMorningNews has learned exclusively that during final preparations for the Sept 11 attack, Mohamed Atta’s father was 'visiting' his terrorist ringleader son in Venice, Florida.

Moreover, the FBI knew about the U.S. visit of Cairo attorney Mohammed El-Amir almost immediately after the attack, when, after seeing him on television denying that his son had anything to do with the terrorist hijackings, a number of credible witnesses called the Sarasota office of the FBI to report they had seen Atta’s father in Venice with his son ten days to two weeks before the attack.

In addition, closed circuit videotape provided to the FBI as evidence of Atta Senior’s presence appears to have been intentionally erased.