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Gregory J. McAleer is a flight attendant employed by United Airlines

McAleer provided information concerning UA Flight 514, to which he was assigned as a flight attendant on 08/30/2001. Mr. McAleer is sure of the date. This flight was from Chicago O'Hare Airport to Boston Logan Airport.

Mr. McAleer related that early in the boarding process a Middle Eastern male (unknown male) walked down the jet-way, or passageway to the aircraft and displayed to Mr. McAleer a "jump seat" pass.

Mr. McAleer was in London, United Kingdom on 09/11/2001 on a UA flight. He returned to the United States on 09113/2001. When he arrived in Chicago, IL he heard' from other flight attendants about a Middle Eastern male who attempted to enter a cockpit on another VA flight dressed in a pilot's uniform, with FAA identification.

On 09/27/2001 Mr. McAleer was reading the front-page article ofa Chicago, 1L newspaper, the Chicago Daily Herald The article had the photographs of the 19 hijackers. Mr. McAleer realized that Fayez Banihammad was the individual who had boarded Flight 514 on 08/30/2001 with a jump seat pass.