She said she was the girlfriend of Mohamed Atta, living with him between February and April 2001.

Her story, as reported by Daniel Hopsicker, has formed the basis for many surprising claims about Atta

She was an out-call lingerie model for an escort service called Fantasies in Lace at 5900 S. Tamiami, Sarasota, Fl.

Fantasies in Lace was owned by Veronica Morency. It was raided by police in 1999 and 2002.

Different descriptions of how she met Mohamed Atta exist online: 1. At Papa Johns; 2. At 44th Aero Squadron; 3. Through a friend.

In a December 2002 interview with Daniel Hopsicker, Amanda says that she met Mohamed at Papa Johns. He was there with European friends of his.

Another boyfriend of hers was Garrett Metts. He may have died in 2002 in a traffic accident.

When we finally found Amanda Keller, one of the first things she said was how distressed she had been when she learned that her former landlord had talked to the press. “When I saw Charlie talking in the newspaper I knew they were going to jump all over him," she said. "I thought, ‘Charlie, no. Can’t you just wait?’”

She said she’d suffered the same bullying harassment from the FBI that other witnesses at the Sandpiper Apartments had been forced to endure.

Even after she left Venice, FBI agents called her every other day for months after the attack. That wasn't all, either...

“There was a police car constantly watching the house,” she told us. “When we burned some leaves in a burn barrel, a police officer came over and told us we weren’t allowed to burn anything because we were on some FBI list, and they were afraid we might be burning documents or something.”

This seems like pretty serious surveillance for a girl who had lived with some other Mohamed. We asked her, in our first meeting: Was this why she recanted her original statement?

“Because of the intimidation by the FBI,” she replied. “They told me not to talk to anybody, to keep my mouth shut. The newspaper quote was accurate: ‘I can’t say anything because I’m afraid I’ll get in trouble.’”

If Amanda Keller hadn't been living with Mohamed Atta, why had the FBI engaged in a regular and systematic pattern of intimidation of eyewitnesses in Venice, Florida?

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