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Ahmed Huber (1927 – 15 May 2008) was a Swiss German journalist, and a convert to Islam, who was active in both Islamist and Far Right politics. He gained international notoriety in 2001 when he was accused by the United States government of funding Al Qaeda's terrorist activities through the Al Taqwa Bank, of which he was one of five managers.

It was reported that he knew Dr. William Pierce, who was the leader of the American neo-Nazi group, the National Alliance. He is also known to have been a friend of François Genoud, a Swiss financier who was active in protecting fugitive Nazis, as well as supporting various Palestinian and Islamist causes.

Huber was one of five individuals who founded the Al Taqwa Bank in Lugano in 1988, although it was based in the Bahamas for tax purposes. Several of the other individuals involved were members of the Muslim Brotherhood. As early as 1996, it was claimed that Al Taqwa handled finances for individuals linked to Al Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, the Palestine Liberation Organization, the Algerian Armed Islamic Group, as well as Islamist groups in several other countries.

HUBER: . . . “I have my own idea about 11 Sep­tem­ber. Among Mus­lims it’s a very con­tro­ver­sial debate. Many Mus­lims still believe that the 11th of Sep­tem­ber was orga­nized by the CIA and the Mossad to bring closer together the rela­tion­ship between Israel and the United States, and to help make war in the Mid­dle East, and to put under Western-Jewish con­trol the most impor­tant geo-political zone on earth, which is the Mid­dle East. I believe that 11 Sep­tem­ber, but I have no proof, was orga­nized by Amer­i­can patri­ots, Mus­lims and non-Muslims together with the help of for­eign Mus­lims resid­ing in the United States. . . . . . . .From 1988 to 1998, I was in Amer­ica every year, at Islamic con­fer­ences. I made big lec­ture tours through the United States and I always met three groups of peo­ple at these con­fer­ences. There were Amer­i­can right-wing peo­ple . . . peo­ple who were rather close to the extreme right of the Repub­li­can Party, or other inde­pen­dent right-wing groups. Then [the sec­ond group was] Mus­lims, young Amer­i­can Mus­lim patri­ots, who came from Mus­lim coun­tries. And then [the third group was] the Nation of Islam peo­ple. And these three groups . . . always told me two things. They said, ‘We must free Amer­i­can from Jewish-Zionist rule.’ And two, ‘Then we must change the for­eign pol­icy of the United States toward the national inter­ests of the Amer­i­can peo­ple. . . . We must end this Jewish-Zionist rule over Amer­ica.’ And when I asked, them, ‘How will you do it?’ they said, ‘Well, we have friends in very high places and there will be a big bang. It will hap­pen here to wake up the Amer­i­can peo­ple, you know, like Pearl Har­bor.’ Pearl Har­bor was orga­nized by Roo­sevelt and his Jew­ish [advis­ers] to pro­voke Japan to attack Amer­ica. Then Hitler would imme­di­ately declare war on Amer­ica. It was not Japan—they really wanted Amer­ica to go to war against Ger­many. . . . Then the way was open to make war against Ger­many. And this is what these peo­ple told me. Some­thing sim­i­lar will hap­pen here. They said, ‘You will hear a big bang.'