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Abdul Hakim Ali Hashim Murad born January 4, 1968

Murad was born in Pakistan and lived in Kuwait, where his father worked as a crane operator for a petroleum company

Ramzi Yousef, a friend of Murad's who attended Afghan training camps, taught Murad how to make bombs in Lahore, Pakistan. During one of the practice sessions, a bomb exploded in Yousef's face, impairing vision in one eye.

While they were in Metro Manila in the Philippines, Murad and Yousef often went to two karaoke bars, the XO on Adriatico Street, and the Firehouse on Roxas Boulevard in Pasay City. According to Murad, they never went to mosque.

He attended a series of flight schools, including Emirates Flying School in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, the Alpha Tango Flying Service in San Antonio, Texas, and flight schools in Schenectady, New York, New Bern, North Carolina, Louisiana, and Pasay City, Philippines. He later told officials he had attended four different American flight schools. On June 8, 1992, he received a Commercial Pilot certificate while at Coastal Aviation Incorporated, after completing 275 hours of required flight time.

Murad was a co-conspirator with Ramzi Yousef in the Bojinka plan. The plan involved assassinating Pope John Paul II during a visit to the Philippines then, while attention was drawn to the Pope's death, bombs would be placed inside toy cars and planted on airline flights out of Bangkok, killing thousands. After successfully testing and detonating his deadly bomb on Philippine Airlines Flight 434, Yousef returned to Manila and began preparing at least a dozen bombs each with a higher concentration of explosive materials. But just weeks before the Bojinka Plan was due to be launched it was uncovered by police.

He supposedly told police he had come up with an idea to crash an airliner into CIA headquarters. The planes as missiles plot.